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Jessica is a total angel too my life. She's a bunny BUT a very important bunny! :P She really  has the most courage great looks( thats for you, Jessie x3) cute sounds, adorable roll overs and most of all is great I mean GREAT with humans. She's a girl and a lion head and she's the most beauteful tortoiseshell ever!!! (:


Anyway let's get too the intresting bit (at least too me it is)!


I got this bonny wonny for my birthday when I turned eight. She's still here right now in another room in my house!


Anyway if you yes YOU have any questions at least I think you can right comment's on this thing.... Anyway please tell me if its possible to right comments. (at least I think that makes sense :D)


See you in the comments if thats even possible!


Bye <3 :-) 3c: